Completed Projects

Cremorne Duplex 1

The brief was for a pair of duplexes for “down-sizing empty-nesters”. It had to fit on a relatively small site in a steep rocky setting with access issues and exploit water views to the north. It was situated adjacent a view corridor with many neighbouring properties overlooking. We were also required to retain a large native tree at the south end of the site and create the appearance of a single dwelling with a shared entry point.

Annandale House 1 (New house & Secondary Dwelling)

The owner of a property in Annandale wanted to replace the existing dilapidated dwelling with a new home for herself & young family. She wanted it similar to the neighbouring terrace houses but, with the amenity of contemporary living.

HA Project Frames 10

Dulwich Hill House 1

A family of five needed room to grow in their federal era bungalow in Dulwich Hill. A previous addition had extended the ground floor out onto their precious rear yard so, they wanted to go up! They needed two bedrooms, a bathroom & a rumpus/ guest room for the teenagers.

Haberfield House 1

This new house was built on a sub-divided lot attached to the rear of the owners previous residence. That building lacked natural light into the main living areas. The owners were retired and concerned with amenity and mobility in their later years. The new house was to allow for impaired or wheelchair access at the entry and internally.

HA Project Frames 3

Haberfield House 2

A semi-detached dwelling, built around 1950, was small & dark with an enclosed rear porch, touted as a “family room” during its sale. However, it had a large roof space and easy access to the rear.

Haberfield House 3

A distinctive house in Harberfield needed a comprehensive makeover for its owners – a young family. The works required removal of internal walls, new kitchen & bathrooms, and replacement of the rear terrace with a large covered timber deck.

Leichhardt House 1

This new house is located on a very small site close to busy roads and under the flight path. It is also situated next to a park on the north and a small row of townhouses adjoining on the south. To the west, across the road is a soccer field.

Leichhardt House 2

This single fronted Edwardian dwelling is typical of housing found in Leichardt. The site slopes to the rear of the property, encompassing a lower ground level used as a garage and storage. The back yard beyond was dominated by a concrete driveway, providing access to the rear lane.

Leichhardt House 3

This free-standing Victorian Gothic style terrace located in Leichardt is located on a corner block, facing north. The owners wanted to develop the property for contemporary urban living by replacing the original single storey wing at the rear and building a new open plan living area incorporating kitchen and dining areas.

Leichhardt House 4

An Edwardian era single fronted dwelling on a narrow lot, typical of Leichhardt, has been family owned for over 40 years as a rental property. It was in largely original condition & somewhat dilapidated. It is located in an aircraft noise affected zone & has heritage conservation controls.

HA Project Frames 5
HA Project Frames 2

Leichhardt House 5

A classic inner city terrace sits on double block in a busy location adjacent a transport corridor. The owner wants to sub-divide,renovate & build another terrace style house adjacent (see Leichhardt House #6 in the “In Progress” section). Allowing for that new dwelling meant blocking up the windows on that side and subsequently reducing natural light.

Newtown House 1

This freestanding terrace is wedged in between other terrace houses and overlooking a rail line at the rear. It was owned as a rental property and the client wanted to increase the return by adding a third bedroom, second bathroom and casual living space connecting to the rear courtyard. The bathroom and kitchen on the ground floor had to be retained and it all had to be done on a tight budget and deadline.

North Rocks House – Bush Fire Zone

A small 1960’s brick house in a leafy outer-suburb needed to provide more room for a growing family & grandmother accommodation. The site was steep and prone to flood & highest level of bushfire attack.

Paddington House 1

The owners of this classic Paddington terrace who inherited it from and had lived in it for many years, before committing to a renovation. Much of its original character had been lost or obscured over the years with inappropriate work.

HA Project Frames 7

Petersham House 1

Not all Victorian terrace houses are created equal. Some are larger than others but, originally they all have pokey, awkward spaces at the rear on the ground floor. Back in the day, back-of-house and back yard was a utilitarian area but, nowadays it’s the main recreational area. 

Summer Hill House 1

An old shop had been converted to residence in the 1980’s. However the interior still had little natural light & ventilation or connection to the rear private open space.

HA Project Frames 9

Summer Hill House 2

A federation bungalow of Summer Hill was a grade 2 classified Heritage Item, located in the estate conservation area. It had the traditional group of small spaces at the rear offering little connection to the rear private open space and amenity to a growing family.

Turramurra House 1

A family of five needed more space in their 1950’s red brick bungalow. It was located on a sloping site,
falling north to the street and ,typical of the era: a dark maze internally with little natural light and
limited connection to it’s garden setting.

HA Project Frames 8

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